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Why Do We Sell Scotsman Ice Machines?


As a service company Grace Refrigeration works on all kinds of ice machines. What we have discovered in the process is that there are several good machines out there, but only a couple that rank as “the best.” The choice for us, from a service stand point, is the Scotsman brand. Scotsman has consistently maintained its position as the front runner in the worldwide production of commercial ice making equipment. Although this is impressive it is not the reason why we became a Scotsman dealer. Serviceability, parts availability, warranty, longevity, and customer satisfaction all contributed to our decision.

In the 1990’s Scotsman revolutionized the industry by being the first to come out with a CFC-free ice machine, and following on the heels of this innovation Scotsman again showed their commitment to leadership by designing and producing an ice machine in the late 90’s with 40% fewer moving parts. Any service company will tell you that ice machines are high maintenance machines. If you take away 40% of the components that can wear out or cause a service issue you can quickly create brand loyalty by saving your customers money.

If you can add to this the ability to reduce service calls by addressing water problems, dirt, and heat the result will be an ice making factory that will last you well past the “normal” life cycle, and that is where Grace Refrigeration comes in.

Grace Refrigeration wants to partner with you to not only provide the most popular ice machine in the world, but to show you how to best protect your investment, by reducing or eliminating the necessity of calling a repair company.

Scotsman has done their part by building a world class ice machine; now it’s up to you and me to do our part.

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