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The Scotsman CU1526SA is an undercounter small cube ice maker manufactured by Scotsman. The Scotsman CU1526SA is capable of producing up to 150 LB of small cube ice every 24 hours and is capable of storing up to 80 LB of ice. Small cube ice cools beverages quickly due to its relatively high surface area to volume ratio. The Scotsman CU1526SA utilizes AutoAlert external indicator lights to inform the user when regular cleaning and maintenance is required. The user is able to access all machine internals for cleaning and service via the easily removable top panel and door. The Scotsman CU1526SA undercounter ice machine's 33-inch height allows it to fit underneath most counters, making it perfect for use in small bars, break rooms, and private clubs.

Scotsman Under Counter Ice Machine

  • Scotsman CU1526SA Features

    • Creates a maximum of 150 LB of small cube ice every 24 hours
    • Stores up to 80 LB of ice
    • Air-cooled condenser reduces amount of water required for machine operation
    • 33-inch height gives user a wide variety of installation options


    Scotsman CU1526SA Ice Style

    • Small cube ice cools beverages quickly due to its high surface area to volume ratio
    • Small cube ice measurements: 7/8" x 7/8" x 3/8"
    • Ideal for beverage and dispensing applications


    Scotsman CU1526SA Benefits

    • Plug-and-play installation with 7 ft. power cord
    • WaterSense technology battles scale buildup by voiding waste water and dirt deposits from machine after every freezing cycle
    • AutoAlert indicator lights visually communicate machine status to user
    • Removable door and top panel give user quick access to machine internals for service
    • Front-located air intake and exhaust reduces amount of space required for installation
  • More Information
    Warranty Info    
    3 Years Parts and Labor on All Components
    5 Years Parts on the Compressor and Condenser
    Brand    Scotsman
    24/hr Ice Production    100 - 200 lbs
    Ice Type    Half Cube
    Height    32" - 34"
    Condenser    Air-Cooled
    Voltage    115V
    ADA Compliant    No

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