he Scotsman CU50GA is an undercounter gourmet cube ice machine manufactured by Scotsman. The Scotsman CU50GA is capable of creating up to 65 LB of gourmet cube ice per day and is capable of storing up to 26 LB of ice. Gourmet cube ice is odor- and taste-free, ensuring your beverage's flavor profile remains untainted. The Scotsman CU50GA alerts the user to any issues in machine operation via its user-friendly control panel. This ice maker is UL approved for use in outdoor applications, such as patios and bars. The Scotsman CU50GA undercounter ice machine's 15-inch width gives it a very small footprint, making it ideal for use in corporate lounges, private offices, and home rec rooms.

Scotsman Gourmet Cube Ice Machine

  • Scotsman CU50GA Features

    • Produces up to 65 LB of gourmet cube ice every 24 hours
    • Stores a maximum of 26 LB of ice
    • Air-cooled condenser greatly reduces amount of water needed for ice making
    • 15-inch width allows machine to be installed in tight spaces


    Scotsman CU50GA Ice Style

    • Gourmet cube ice is odorless and tasteless to ensure your beverage's flavor remains uncontaminated
    • Gourmet cube ice measurements: 1" x 1.13" x 1.25"
    • Ideal for top shelf liquor and cocktails


    Scotsman CU50GA Benefits

    • Plug and play installation via 7 ft. power cord
    • WaterSense technology prevents scale buildup by flushing hard water and minerals from machine after every freezing cycle
    • Control panel keeps user infomed of any changes in machine status
    • Front-located air intake and exhaust reduces amount of space required for installation