The Scotsman F0522A is a modular ice machine head produced by Scotsman. The Scotsman F0522A is able to produce up to 450 LB of flake ice every 24 hours. Flake ice cools items quickly and is easy to mold, making it ideal for use in displays and medical applications. The Scotsman F0522A is built with a self-contained air-cooled condenser, which keeps the machine from requiring an excessive amount of water to create ice. The Scotsman F0522A is 22-inches wide, which makes it ideal for use in small bars or restaurants that need a moderate amount of flake ice but do not have the space to accommodate a larger ice maker.

The Scotsman F0522A helps the user keep the ice machine in perfect working order. This ice machine is equipped with AutoAlert external indicator lights that alert the user to any changes in machine status. The Scotsman F0522A has had the metallic antiseptic compound AgIon molded into every machine part that comes into contact with water or ice to help prevent the spread of common water-borne pathogens, such as bacteria and mold. This ice maker is built with easily-removable service panels for quick access to all machine internals for cleaning and maintenance. The Scotsman F0522A creates high-quality flake ice that is perfect for meeting the needs of your business' clients, patients, or employees.

Scotsman 500lb Flake Ice Machine