The Scotsman CU3030SA is an undercounter small cube ice machine from Scotsman. The Scotsman CU3030SA is capable of creating up to 250 LB of small cube ice per day and is capable of storing up to 110 LB of ice. Small cube ice has a high surface area to volume ratio, giving it the ability to cool beverages quickly. The Scotsman CU3030SA reminds the user of required service intervals via its AutoAlert external indicator lights. The Scotsman CU3030SA is ENERGY STAR certified. This ice maker uses a removable top panel and door combination to give the user easy access to the machine interior for cleaning and service. The Scotsman CU3030SA undercounter ice machine's 33-inch height allows it to fit underneath most counters, making it perfect for use in bars, small restaurants, and private clubs.

Scotsman 300lb Under Counter Machine

  • Scotsman CU3030SA Features

    • Yields a maximum of 250 LB of small cube ice every 24 hours
    • Stores a maximum of 110 LB of ice
    • ENERGY STAR certified
    • Air-cooled condenser greatly reduces amount of water needed for making ice
    • 33-inch height makes installation possible underneath nearly any counter


    Scotsman CU3030SA Ice Style

    • Small cube ice has a high surface area to volume ratio, allowing for quick beverage cooling