Scotsman C0530SW Product Details

The Scotsman C0530SW is a water-cooled ice machine cuber head by Scotsman. This cuber head is 30-inches in width, and has been tailored to the needs of commercial and industrial applications that require a higher than average amount of ice. Under perfect operating conditions, the Scotsman C0530SW can produce a maximum of 500 pounds of small-sized cube ice every day. Small cube ice measures 7/8" x 7/8" x 3/8". Because small cube ice has a high surface area to volume ratio, it is great for rapid beverage cooling.

The Scotsman C0530SW is part of Scotsman's Prodigy Series. Scotsman's line of Prodigy Series ice machines are designed to conserve water and energy. While it is designed primarily to be used in conjunction with 30-inch ice bins, the Scotsman C0530SW can be installed on a variety of different sized bins with the use of adapter plates. The Scotsman C0530SW uses a water-cooled condenser, which ensures the condenser always maintains its optimal operating temperature. Businesses that require a medium duty ice machine, such as hotels, nightclubs, and hospitals, will find the Scotsman C0530SW will be able to meet their ice making demands.

The Scotsman C0530SA comes equipped with Scotsman's AquaArmor anti-microbial technology. AquaArmor uses AgIon compound, which has been incorporated into every surface that water or ice touches to kill common water-borne pathogens, including ba