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Scotsman C0322SW Product Details

The Scotsman C0322SW is a 22-inch ice machine cuber head. These 22-inch heads are made for commercial applications that require moderate ice production levels, but may not have enough space to fit a 30-inch ice-maker. The C0322SW produces up to 356 LB of small ice cubes over a 24 hour period. Small ice cubes measure 7/8" x 7/8" x 3/8" and are perfect for cooling beverages quickly due to their increased surface area over medium-sized ice cubes.

The Scotsman C0322SW has been built to the Scotsman Prodigy Series standard, which means it needs less water and energy to operate than similar 22-inch ice machines. The Scotsman C0322SW head's narrow 22-inch width allows it to be installed on a variety of ice bins, which makes it ideal for a multitude of applications. The Scotsman C0322SW uses a self-contained water-cooled condenser, which allows it to operate at cooler temperatures. This ice machine is excellent for small scale ice-making applications, such as small bars, pubs, and cafes.

The Scotsman C0322SW uses Scotsman's unique AquaArmor anti-microbial technology. AgIon is infused into every surface that touches ice and water in the freezing process, which kills off many water-borne pathogens, such as algae and amoebae. This allows the Scotsman C0322SW to make more hygenic ice for you and your customers or employees.


More Information
Warranty Info
  • 3 Years Parts And Labor On All Components
  • 5 Years Parts And Labor On The Evaporator
  • 5 Years Parts On The Compressor And Condenser
24/hr Ice Production200 - 400 lbs
Ice TypeHalf Cube
Ice Machine Width20 - 22 in.

Scotsman 22" Water Cooled 300lb Ice Machine

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