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Grace Refrigeration 

Serving Greater Indianapolis since 1982


Well, normally this is the place where companies take time to honk their own horns and tell how great they are; I’m not going to do that.

Through the years that we have been in business there have been many trials and test, but let it be said that we have come through them all, and we are still here, since 1982.

The overall philosophy of Grace Refrigeration was not to become big or to make a lot of money; but by consistently trying to work ourselves out of a job, we have laid a very solid foundation of trust and service.  We never put our own name on the shingle or made the business to be about us. We have always considered Grace Refrigeration to be a gift, which came with a promise. That promise was that if we would do our best to work for our customer, through honesty, going the extra mile, giving free advice over the phone, never believing we couldn’t make a mistake, and if we did make a mistake, we make it right, out of our own pocket. We have never made the claim that we are the best at what we do, only that we would do our best, and be honest. We know that if we keep that philosophy that He who gave the gift will be faithful.

The products and service we pass on to you are those things that we have found to be good for our customers, and as we find better products we will post those products on our web site. You will notice that we do not have tons of things that we try to sell, but only those things that we stand behind with a personal testimony of their effectiveness and value.

Feel free to leave a comment or to give us a call. We appreciate your business.


Steve and Marilyn Blackwell

Owners Since 1982

Grace Refrigeration has some of the best service, they treated me and my business wonderful. If your looking to rent or buy an ice machine, Grace is the company to go with”


Christopher C.

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